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REMS fitness center is based on electronic way of fat burning in an optimized fitness program and we provide our customer with personal training and care to address their needs.

General questions about EMS

What is EMS and how does it work?

Electrical muscle stimulation or EMS is a full body workout targeting multiple muscle groups simultaneously. A traditional workout may only use 50% of your muscles whereas EMS engages up to 98% . This means EMS workouts are very time efficient, hence a 20-minute EMS workout can be the equivalent of a normal 90-minute conventional gym session.

Is EMS safe and does it hurt?

Yes, it is safe. EMS training has been scientifically proven to be safe and effective by reputable sports institutions. And no, EMS training is not painful. The sensation of electrical current stimulating your muscles is unusual but something most people get used to very quickly.

How many times do I need to train and how quickly will I see results?

The idea is to replace one of your conventional training sessions with one EMS workout. To see optimum results, EMS can either be used once a week in addition to one or two conventional workouts, or twice a week, if you are currently pressed for time. Changes can usually be seen after four sessions or less depending on your lifestyle. Scientific studies have shown the following results over a 12-week period using the E-Pulsive training program: 9% body fat loss, 30% increase in strength, 89% of people felt stronger and fitter.

Can I do EMS as an addition to my normal workout routine?

Yes, you can. Ideal additions to EMS training include activities such as yoga or Pilates as well as any type of cardio training. The recovery phase of an EMS session is typically 24 to 48 hours, similar to a conventional training session. High-intensity resistance training, e.g. lifting heavy weights, is another great addition to EMS training but should be avoided during the recovery phase. All other sports related activities can be continued as normal.

EMS training has numerous benefits over conventional training methods

Strengthen core and abdominal muscles:
EMS Training activates your core and abdominal muscles. You can achieve the same strengthening of low-lying muscle fibers that you’d normally associate with Yoga or Pilates exercise, without any of the time-consuming holding moves.
Improvement of your posture:
EMS Training helps improve your posture and spinal health in a short period of time. EMS can specifically target and train difficult to reach muscle groups, causing a noticeable reduction in pain and an improvement in overall posture and flexibility.
Increased overall strength and endurance:
With EMS training you gain rapid strength in a shorter period of time. According to research results 20 minutes of EMS training is as effective as 3 training sessions of 90 minutes of a general weight work-out. Customizable intensity, duration and frequency helps achieve personal training goals quickly, effectively and consistently – whether it’s increasing strength or improving endurance and overall fitness levels.
Reduction in cellulite:
If we have to answer, what is the most effective way to lose weight? , then EMS training is the best way to burn calories. It increases blood circulation and stimulates the tissue deep down holding the fat, which burns the cellulite. By stimulating the muscle tissue, EMS improves blood circulation through the skin.
Correction of muscular imbalances:
A lot of people suffer from a muscular imbalance in their back, stomach, or pelvis floor resulting in recurring back pain. EMS training can target specific problem areas and help strengthen the weaker muscle groups to correct imbalances. Muscle weakness and imbalances are usually caused due to lack of movement in our daily lives (e.g. sitting at a desk for long hours). EMS allows the inactive muscles to be activated resulting in reduced muscular imbalance
20 minutes = 4 hours of conventional strength training:
Due to all your major muscle groups being activated every four seconds, you get a lot more contractions and muscles trained than conventional training. EMS training is not just for athletes. It’s also for people looking for the best workout to lose weight fast and effectively around a busy schedule. Greatly increasing the number of contractions at each 20-minute session is equivalent to four- six hours of conventional exercise.

Easy on your joints, preventing strain and injury

There is no strain on your joints since you don’t have to use any weights during your work-out. EMS training is not dependent on weights or high impact training, so the risks of strain and injury are greatly reduced which makes EMS ideal for older people or people with joint problems and injuries.

Increased muscle definition

Typically, when you train at the gym (or other similar exercise), you will only use between 40 – 70% of your strength potential; the extra stimulation given to your muscles during an EMS training session is what leads to an increase in muscle mass. After just a few sessions, you will notice an increase in the size of your chest, arm and leg muscles.

Safety of EMS

How safe is the electrical current used in electrical muscle stimulation?

Low-frequency current stimulation as used in EMS is harmless. During the training with current stimulation, the human impulse is simply fortified by the additional impulse from the outside. Therefore, the electrical impulse seems natural to the body.

Can the electrical current harm my heart?

No. The low-frequency impulse exclusively activates the striated skeletal muscles, meaning it does not reach the organs or the heart.

Does the electric current have any side effects?

No. According to a number of official studies, there are absolutely no negative side effects for healthy individuals. On the contrary, there are a lot of positive benefits. Electrical muscle stimulation has been widely used as a physiotherapy technique since the 1950s.

Can the electrical current harm my heart?

No. The low-frequency impulse exclusively activates the striated skeletal muscles, meaning it does not reach the organs or the heart.

EMS Benefits

What benefits does an EMS full-body workout offer?

Electrical muscle stimulation technology offers all the advantages of a conventional intense workout, but in a much less time. It is a fast, safe and effective way to meat your fitness goals such as toning your body, losing weight, build your muscles, improve your general fitness etc. EMS training is the solution for a fitter, healthier body with just 1 to 2 sessions per week.

How long does an EMS training session take?

You can achieve your goals with 25-minute sessions once or twice per week.

Is EMS good for weight loss?

Yes. During the first phase of training, you can expect to start shaping your body. During the second phase, the fat depots will be broken down resulting in substantial fat removal and weight loss. Due to the increased muscle activity during an EMS session, your body will also burn more calories. However, weight loss can only be achieved by a healthy nutrition plan combined with regular exercise. Therefore, EMS training is the perfect complement to a healthy nutritional plan for effective, long-term weight loss.

Can I train with EMS after a back injury?

Yes, after a slipped disk event, exercising with EMS is recommended. The training helps you to strengthen the deeper layers of muscles, which helps to support the stability of the spine consequently relieving and stabilizing your back.

How can EMS help me post-pregnancy?

EMS training is specifically tailored to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, thus improving or eliminating the muscle weakness in that area as well incontinence issues. Furthermore, EMS is a gentle solution for your postnatal exercises to regain your pre-pregnancy shape. However, EMS cannot be used during pregnancy.

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